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Personal Injury And Accident Claims

Irrespective of the safety measures you might have taken, an accident could occur at any time and to pretty much anybody, it doesn’t matter who you are, even a personal injury solicitor. We humans neither decide to become an accident victim, nor do we choose why, when and where the accident will take place.

It might seem obvious but almost any accident is likely to be both a distressing and potentially costly experience. Any injuries you are unfortunate enough to sustain are likely to cause you various degrees of pain and any medical attention and treatment can incur high costs.

A way to reclaim these losses is through making a successful personal injury claim and the importance of such a claim really shouldn’t be taken lightly. Certainly you won’t be able to make any personal injuries sustained any less traumatic or painful but you will get some comfort from knowing that you will be fine financially.

How A Personal Injury Solicitor Can Help

The trouble with making a personal injury claim is for most people it seems a difficult process to grasp, and that’s because generally most people have no previous experience with these kind of procedures. A trouble-free alternative to trying to do it all yourself is to contact a specialist personal injury solicitor.

Personal injury solicitors are professional people and these kind of personal injury claims are how they make their living. Their role is to put together a strong injury claims case in your name to win you accident compensation.

The injury solicitor’s service is based upon a “No Win No Fee” process. This will mean If your accident claim is successful, the solicitor recovers all of their bills, or fees from the losing party or the losers insurance company and you could get 100% of the compensation depending on the agreement with your solicitor.

If you don’t win your accident claims case the solicitor is accountable for the loss, in other words you won’t have to pay them anything. However, you may be liable for the winning sides costs, but you can take out insurance cover for this scenario.

Choosing Your Solicitor

It is entirely up to you which personal injury claims company, or solicitor you choose to take up your case. Always try your best to research a company before deciding for certain they are right for you. Also make sure you understand the “agreement” you might be signing so you know exactly what fees you may or may not end up having to pay.

Is It Necessary To Opt For A Personal Injury solicitor?

Naturally you could very well attempt to manage your accident claim on your own, or with the help of friends and family if you prefer, but have you actually thought hard about what the process entails?

Personal Injury Claims

Remember solicitors train for a reason and that’s to know the ins and outs of the British law so they have the best chance possible of being successful. This isn’t to say you won’t but do you really need the hassle?

Ask yourself these few questions and it might help you to decide which route is best if you haven’t already.

Are you aware of what preparations you need to make before going to court? Have you got all of your facts and details correct so you don’t inadvertently lose your road accident claim for example, on some small technicality?

Will you be able to stay calm and focused if things start to become personal? If you can’t answer these few questions with a resounding “yes” then maybe you ought to consider the services of a “No Win No Fee” solicitor, but the choice is always yours.

Please do bear in mind that a personal injury solicitor will undoubtedly make life easier. This is after all what they do for a living. They’ve already all the essential expertise and experience to take care of your accident compensation claim.

Herniated Disc Compensation Claims

A herniated disc can cause severe pain and render a person completely immobile for an extended period of time. This can affect almost every aspect of their life, from their quality of life to their ability to earn an income.

Also known as a slipped or prolapsed disc, a herniated disc injury can occur naturally or due to an accident. If the accident was caused due to another person’s negligence or mistake, you may be entitled to file a herniated disc compensation claim. The claim settlement can help you with any financial, physical, and mental repercussions your injury may have caused.

What Is A Herniated Disc?

The spinal cord runs down through the spine, connecting the brain and the lower back. This cord contains an extensive network of nerve cells, tissues, and fluids, which help carry electrical nerve signals throughout the body. A bony column of 24 vertebrae surrounds the spinal cord, protecting the soft tissues. There is a soft cartilaginous disc between each of the 24 vertebrae in the back. These discs act as shock absorbers, allowing the spine to flex without causing any pain.

Under some circumstances, the soft inner section of the disc may slip out of alignment and start bulging out or it may get squashed or displaced in some way, forcing it out from between the vertebrae.

In the absence of this natural shock absorber, the bones of the vertebrae may come in direct contact with the spinal cord and the nerves that run through it. Rubbing, pinching or even just touching this nerve-rich region can cause excruciating pain.

What Causes Herniated Discs?

Herniated discs may be caused by a number of factors – natural and unnatural.

Two common natural causes of herniated discs are ageing and obesity.

Avoidable causes may include but are not limited to:

  • Lifting heavy equipment without help
  • High impact road traffic accidents that push the soft tissue out of place
  • Exposure to constant vibration from operating heavy machinery or driving a heavy-duty vehicle for extended periods of time
  • Performing tasks that involve bending over for long periods

Construction workers, long-distance lorry drivers, manufacturing plant workers, loaders, landscape gardeners, and warehouse workers are at higher risk of experiencing a herniated disc injury.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

The exact symptoms that indicate a herniated disc vary widely depending on the location and severity of the injuries. Classic symptoms include:

  • Sudden shooting lower back pain
  • Difficulty bending
  • Difficulty straightening your back
  • Difficulty walking or performing certain movements
  • Neck pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Numbness or tingling in the shoulders, arms, hands, back, or legs
  • Weakness in the muscles

These symptoms may range from mild to severe and they may be short or long term. Some symptoms may cause permanent damage and require lifelong therapy.

How To File A No Win No Fee Herniated Disc Compensation Claim

A No Win No Fee compensation claim is a special type of claim established by personal injury lawyers to help accident victims. The most notable feature of this type of claim is that you can hire a legal expert to file a compensation claim on your behalf without paying any out of pocket expenses.

Here’s how it works:

At your first complimentary appointment, the personal injury lawyer will listen to your complaint, go through your medical records, and weigh the merits of your case.

If the lawyer determines that you have a strong case, they will offer to represent you while also covering all the legal expenses till the case is closed.

On the slim chance that the claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to cover any expenses. You only pay if the claim is decided in your favour and you are awarded compensation. Usually, the amount you’ll have to pay is calculated as a small percentage of the total settlement awarded to you.

The payment is due only after you receive the settlement. This ensures that you are protected from financial risk at all times.

If you think your herniated disc was caused due to another person’s action or inaction, don’t let the thought of legal fees stop you from taking legal action. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer at the earliest and ask if they will help you file a herniated disc compensation claim.

How You Can Help Your Lawyer File A Successful Claim

The key to winning a herniated disc compensation claim lies in being able to prove that your injuries were caused due to somebody else’s mistake or negligence. You can help your lawyer strengthen your claim by gathering whatever evidence you can related to the accident.

Evidence in the case of a herniated disc compensation claim can include:

  • All medical records and prescriptions related to your injuries
  • Photographs of your injuries (slipped disc injuries are invisible but you may have other visible injuries)
  • If your injuries were caused by a road accident, try and obtain CCTV footage from nearby cameras
  • If your injuries were caused by any other type of accident such as a fall due to a badly maintained pavement, get photographs of the faulty pavement
  • Take note of any witnesses around when the accident occurred and ask for their contact details so you can get witness statements if needed
  • If your injuries are work related, make sure to file a report in the work log book so there is a record of the date, time and location

According to UK Personal Injury Law, personal injury claims must be filed within 3 years from the date of the accident or 3 years from the herniated disc diagnosis. Claims filed after the deadline are not accepted.

Putting together a strong claim can take time as the lawyer researches precedents, consults with medical professionals, and determines what the maximum amount they can claim for your injuries. To protect your legal right to claim, you must consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If you’re too injured to visit them, they will visit you at home or at the hospital to initiate the proceedings and file the claim within the 3-year deadline.