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Different Types Of Road Accident Claims

One of the reasons why strict rules exist on our roads is to help to avert road traffic accidents, however, accidents can and do still happen. If you have been personally affected by a road traffic accident, then you may be eligible to make a road traffic claim. Road traffic claims are designed to provide financial support and compensation to those who have been affected by a traffic incident which was not entirely their fault.

Here are a few examples of incidents that you may have experienced which you may be eligible to make road accident claim for.

Dangerous Driving

If you have been injured because someone else was driving dangerously, whether you were in their car, or whether you have been affected by a dangerous driver driving another vehicle, then you almost certainly will have a valid claim. In these cases, an accident occurs because someone is not paying due care and attention to the conditions of the road, or they are not obeying the rules of the road. Driving dangerously can endanger life, and may be regarded as a criminal offence as well as a civil one.

Pedestrian Injuries

If you have been injured by a vehicle whilst you are walking, then you may be able to make a claim. This includes incidents which happened whilst you were walking on the pavement or which may have happened whilst you were crossing a road. If you were injured whilst you were crossing the road, you may be asked whether there are any witnesses who can confirm that you were not anyway to blame for the accident. This will help to show that the vehicle user was at fault, rather than yourself.

Whiplash Injuries

Even a small shunt from behind can cause lasting pain and damage to your neck, head and shoulders. In some cases, these injuries can be debilitating and they can really affect your quality of life. If you have been shunted from behind by another vehicle then you could attempt to claim compensation. It does not matter whether you were the driver of the vehicle which got shunted or if you were “just a passenger”.

Emergency Vehicles

Although it is important that emergency vehicles are able to get where they are going as quickly as possible, they are still required to obey the rules of the road and pay due care and attention if they want to cross the dividing line in the road or run a red light. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident which was caused by any kind of emergency vehicle, then you may be able to make a valid claim for compensation.


People can easily be injured by criminals who are driving dangerously in a stolen vehicle, or those who are driving recklessly to try to escape a police pursuit. These injuries can be serious, as some criminals have a blatant disregard for human life. Road accident claims which have occurred because of a criminal action such as those which have been mention may be dealt with in a slightly different way to the way that standard road injury claims are handled. However, a competent claims solicitor will still be able to offer you the advice and support that you need.

Vehicle Faults

Vehicles are designed to be able to operate at high speeds and under tough conditions, but if certain components are unable to stand up to these rigours then they may fail. If a fault occurs whilst the vehicle is in motion, it can easily cause the vehicle to crash, which can cause an injury. If you have been hurt in a road traffic incident which occurred because of a faulty component, then you may be able to level a road traffic claim against the company which manufactured or installed that piece of equipment.

All of the above are eligible for compensation claims, but they are not the only type of accidents which could be considered for a road traffic claim. If you have been injured or suffered any lasting effects because of an accident on the road, then you should talk to a qualified claims advisor or solicitor to discuss the best way to move your claim forward.