Accidents Abroad

What could be the worst thing that can happen when you’re abroad? Aside from being locked up, it’s meeting with an accident when you’re far from the comforts of your own home, family, friends, and familiar surroundings. It becomes worse when the health care system isn’t at par as that of the United Kingdom.

People may knock the NHS for various reasons, but for some people that have had an accident abroad it really hits home just how fortunate we are to have emergency health care the moment we need it without having to worry about costs. Although travel insurance these days can already be used to cover for expenses, including air evacuation, you may want to also consider filing an accident claim.

When Does It Matter?

Filing an accident claim is generally a logical option. The compensation you get can help you a great deal in paying or recovering your medical expenses. If you lose your job or suffer from financial loss because of it, the claim can help you start anew. If, unfortunately, you didn’t make it, then at least your beneficiaries, who are usually your immediate family, don’t need to start from scratch.

Note, however, that not all types of accidents abroad can be ideal for a claim. Many factors can affect its merit such as the following:

Where did you book your travel package?

Since the coverage of UK solicitors is within the country, they can extend their services to anything that pertains to holiday in the UK. In other words, they may not have full control on packages obtained in France or whichever nation. They may only be able to help you if the package originated here. The great thing about this is that as a consumer taking advantage of such offer is duly protected by a 1992 act.

Are you an independent traveller?

This simply means that you book your trip without any assistance from a travel agency or from your company (if you’re also on a business trip). As an independent traveller, you have less protection, but that doesn’t mean you cannot file a claim anymore. But it can be more complicated than when you have taken advantage of a travel package since you have established separate contracts for each holiday element (accommodation, bus or coach, plane, etc.).

What exactly happened?

This is one of the bases in determining who is liable for the accident. When it comes to holiday abroad accident compensation, you have two main people to look at: the travel agency and the representatives of the elements (for example, the staff or owner of the hotel, the bus company or the driver, etc.).

If you meet an accident while inside the hotel premises and you are able to realise that the cause is negligence of the hotel, then you have a very strong case. This is, of course, provided that the hotel is part of the package you’ve obtained while in the UK. It becomes more complex if you trip or fell on a public space like a park since it’s possible certain country laws can affect the claim.

Because of its complexity, if you ever want to file a claim, make sure that you hire an expert solicitor that specialises in accidents during holidays abroad.