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How No Win No Fee Works

If you’re injured and you wish to be compensated for issues such as pain, suffering, expenses, and trouble you have experienced, you file a claim against the liable party. You can choose to represent yourself, but because the legalities can be a bit complicated, usually you are advised to work with a solicitor.

A Solicitors Help

A solicitor is a legal professional who is considered as the person who deals with anything related to matters dealt with in court. Many of them specialise in personal injury claims. They can represent on your behalf and spares you from the hassle of going to court and dealing with powers that be such as insurance companies.  They can also provide you with all the best legal advice you need to win the case.

However, because you’re taking advantage of their services, expertise, and knowledge, you have to pay certain fees, and usually they are not cheap. The fees alone can already discourage any aggrieved party from pursuing a claim. Perhaps making things worse is the fact there’s no legal aid available. The payment therefore would come straight from your pocket or from your insurance policy.

Fortunately, many companies these days are now offering a no win no fee agreement. In this setup, you don’t have to pay for any fees upfront but only when the case is won. Otherwise, if you lose, then there’s no fee to be paid.

How To Take Advantage Of No Win No Fee

Remember that no win no fee is a conditional agreement, which means there are provisions that have to be followed. For instance, some companies may agree with the arrangement but only when you have an insurance policy. The coverage will kick in if you lose the case and you need to compensate the winning party.

These types of companies are more stringent when it comes to screening cases or claims. Because they are bearing the greatest risk—that is, of not getting anything at all—they choose their cases very carefully. They almost always pick those claims cases that have what they view as almost a 100% guaranteed chance of winning. For this reason, they do conduct preliminary evaluations to determine the merits of any claim.

Although you don’t pay for any fees, there may be expenses that have to be bared by you, whether you win or lose. All these should be listed into the agreement, which you should sign before officially commencing on the claims procedures.

When you want to deal with a company that offers a no win no fee option you can start your search online. Check out no win no fee solicitors or firms that offer one. If they don’t, you can always inquire. There’s a good chance that they do have one but only on a case-to-case basis, as this is actually more of a privilege than a right.

It may be easy to assume that you get the best end of the bargain with the no win, no fee, but there are times when the actual fees to be paid can be higher than what you expect. In the process, you’re still not getting the most out of the compensation, so before you sign the agreement, make sure that you’re comfortable with the charges.